Target Molecules offers a rapid, flexible and comprehensive custom synthesis service for companies which need to outsource laboratory-scale organic chemical synthesis. From our long experience in this field we have gained a wealth of expertise and adaptability which is ideally suited to providing our customers with the most efficient service available.

We specialise in the synthesis to order of organic compounds on a laboratory scale in quantities from milligrams to several kilograms. These compounds can be synthesised either by established chemistry, by modifying customer procedure or by designing novel routes.

Outsourcing work to specialist synthesis companies like Target Molecules can be a flexible and cost-effective option. We know that the most important virtue of a Custom Synthesis company is dependability - you need to know with as much certainty as possible that your chemical will turn up on time and in the required purity and quantity.

Our company is of specialist value to customers in the following cases:

For combinatorial chemists Target Molecules provides a quick and efficient synthesis service for building blocks or any intermediates that you may require.

We are able to bring a wealth of experience to this field as our staff of highly qualified chemists have all worked for swiss replica watches many years in the field of custom synthesis. Another important advantage is that, as we focus exclusively on custom synthesis and contract research (i.e. not just as a sideline of our business), the customer can always be assured that their satisfaction is our overriding priority. Our combination of exceptional chemist quality, know-how and a very competitive pricing policy will ensure an excellent quality and value of service.

The company operates from a well-equipped laboratory on the outskirts of Southampton, and this is supplemented by use of the facilities of Southampton University chemistry department. We can undertake all of the usual organic reactions that are required in synthetic medicinal chemistry, eg organometallics, chiral chemistry, complex heterocyclic chemistry, steroids, low-temperature reactions, amino acid derivatives, peptides, hydrogenations, etc. Our close personal and business links with the University allow us constant access to a range of state of the art analytical and separational equipment. A replica watches uk datasheet and comprehensive analysis of the customer’s product will be provided on delivery of their order.

For enquiries involving chemistry that is well documented (including the synthesis of closely related analogues) then it is our policy to give the customer a fixed price quote. For chemistry that is speculative then it may be more appropriate to offer a contract research proposal where the customer pays for the work at a hourly/daily/monthly rate.

Please contact us with your requirements and we will get a quote back to you as soon as possible (usually within the next few days). As well as the price, the quote will include our rolex replica estimated time of synthesis. All enquiries and subsequent projects are of course undertaken in the strictest confidence and will be backed up by secrecy agreements if required.