For a contract research project, the customer pays for the chemist’s time at a daily rate rather than for specific target molecules. The customer thus has one or more of our chemists working full-time for a set number of days on their chemistry. A contract research project is a more viable option than a fixed price quote if:

  1. the customer needs the flexibility, to change or adapt the chemistry/project targets while the project is underway. i.e. the chemist(s) can be transferred, at whatever notice, to a new area of chemistry as the customer wishes.
  2. the chemistry involved is relatively speculative and involves a significant amount of novelty or reliance on incomplete documentation.

With all contract research projects we act as an extension to the customer's laboratory. All inventions, discoveries, modifications, improvements etc. belong to the customer.

Progress of the work is communicated at regular intervals and typically in written weekly/monthly reports.

Our daily rate per chemist is highly competitive - please contact us for more information. All enquiries and subsequent projects are of course undertaken in the strictest confidence and will be backed up by secrecy agreements if required.